Depression 1976

I am nearly 57 years old and my first experience of depression was at the age of 20 when I was a medical student. I didn’t recognise it as depression then; I just thought that I was useless & unable to cope with the clinical course. I considered quitting but didn’t; and got through (mainly with the help of my boyfriend-now my husband of 30 years.)

I didn’t receive a formal diagnosis of depression until age 34. At that stage I was working full time plus out of hours commitment and had 3 young children.

Despite all this I’ve managed to have a good career as a GP, for many years as a partner and now part-time as a locum.

With every year that goes by I learn more about how to successfully manage my mental health. There’s more help and understanding now and less stigma (though still a long way to go). So if you are suffering right now, don’t give up hope, but ask for help.


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