I need help now

If you need urgent medical attention within working hours, phone your own GP practice. Out of hours you can be seen via NHS 24 in Scotland 111,  NHS Direct in England 111 and NHS Direct in Wales  0845 46 47. If you’re in Northern Ireland you can find the number for your local out of hours GP service here. As I said on the homepage, you should be registered with a GP locally even if you already have a GP in your home area. If you don’t have a local GP, you can be seen as a “temporary resident” in an emergency.

The Samaritans provide a confidential and anonymous 24 hour phone line. “It doesn’t matter who you are, how you feel, or what has happened. If you feel that things are getting to you, get in touch.”  08457 90 90 90 in the UK and 1850 609 090 in the Republic of Ireland. They have some reassuring information for people who are feeling suicidal, but are happy to help with any problems, not just suicidal thoughts.

The BMA Wellbeing Support Service is available 24/7 and is for BMA members only.  BMA Counselling is staffed by BACP members and the Doctor Advisory Service allows you to speak to another doctor. 0330 123 1245

Breathing Space is a Scottish helpline that was originally aimed at men (as they found that many Scottish men were reluctant to call helplines as they found it difficult to talk about their feelings) but women can also use it. 0800 83 85 87 (check their website for opening hours)

Nightline is an overnight term-time helpline for students, provided by students. It was started in 1970 with an aim to reduce student suicide rates, although you can phone them about anything even if you don’t have suicidal thoughts. The number for the University of Dundee Nightline is 01382 381183 and you can email them on nightline@dundee.ac.uk. If you are elsewhere in the UK, you can find the number for your university’s Nightline service here.


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